The Trusted Contract Manufacturer For Your PCB Assembly Needs

In the rapidly evolving electronics industry, the need for high quality Printed Circuit Board Assembly is more important now than ever. It seems unimaginable that some 50 years ago, this kind of technology didn’t even exist. Today, almost all electronic devices and machinery run on printed circuit boards and their corresponding electronic components. This led to the demand for PCB services from small to large scale electronics, communications, and manufacturing companies.

Why do companies hire contract manufacturers?

There are several reasons why an organization would choose to outsource PCB services rather than create the product themselves. First of all, creating printed circuit boards requires huge investments in money, personnel, resources, and time. The equipment and facilities used in PCB assembly alone is enough to send the company into a profit deficit. Instead of spending all that effort to make PCB from scratch, it is simply more efficient for a company to hire a contract manufacturer such as Imagineering Inc., who would deliver the necessary orders on time.

Printed circuit board

Another reason why your company should enlist the help of contract manufacturers is that you will receive guaranteed quality products. This of course assumes that you hire trusted contractors who have built a solid reputation for themselves. Imagineering Inc. has been in the industry for over 30 years. We have endless testimonials from clients who choose us every time they need materials for a PCB or a full turnkey. We are the experts in the field of PCB assembly, just like you are the expert in your own field. We have dedicated our lives to mass producing PCB’s so that we could serve clients like you.

Finally, a lot of companies who assemble their PCB’s in-house do not adhere to industry standards. Here at Imagineering Inc., we are ISO Certified, ITAR Registered, and UL Approved, among other industry certifications. We are strict on quality control and always follow proper safety procedures.

Why choose Imagineering Inc.?

State of the art equipment

PCBYou want a contract manufacturer that uses the most advanced technology available on the market today. Imagineering Inc. constantly upgrades its equipment to stay ahead of the changing times. Currently, we use jetting technology which is known to be superior to traditional screen printing. We also have an all-in-one pick and place machine that allows us to install parts with high speed and precision. If you need a supplier of electronic components, our 8 zone reflow oven can match any requirement you may have. Finally, we have 8 fully staffed facilities located in our headquarters in Illinois.

Guaranteed turnaround

We have remained at the top of the PCB manufacturing industry because we always deliver. We make sure you get your orders within the time frame we agree on. There are even cases such as prototype manufacturing where we can get you your order within 24 hours. But just because our services are fast, it doesn’t mean that we compromise on quality. We never compromise on quality.

Affordable prices

We understand that our clients always have a budget to work on. We offer competitive pricing because of our offshore suppliers and facilities all around Asia. Some people choose not to hire offshore manufacturers. But you can rest assured that we employ the same safety and labor standards as U.S. based manufacturers.

Services we offer
PCB FabricationWherever you are in your PCB assembly process, we offer services customizable to your needs. If you need us to start from scratch, full turnkey services are available. You don’t need to worry about all the parts including the circuit board and electronic components. We will provide full PCB assembly that is ready to be used. If you already have the required materials, you can send them to us and we will create the finished product. Whether you need multi layer, rigid, or flex PCB’s, we can get them for you.

Be Sure to Get an instant quote

We are the first to introduce Online Turn Key Quotes which will provide you with an instant quotation for your project. You don’t even have to move from your seat nor wait several weeks. Just send us the required details on and we will get back to you in an instant.

Looking for an SEO Company

When a company decides to set up its own website to promote itself and the goods and services it offers, it is faced with a daunting challenge – to have a compelling presence online and to have its audience click the “visit site” link. With so many different websites all competing to be both popular and relevant, it’s no wonder that SEO (search engine optimization) companies have in demand over the years.

seoAn SEO company will greatly help a company maintain or grow an online presence, and perhaps even make the website successful enough that it hits the front page of any search engine result. However, hiring the right SEO company to analyze and use SEO on a website could prove to be a little tricky. Like the numerous websites all over the internet, there are numerous SEO companies. Some of these companies have their specialties, others perform general tasks.

If a person wants to hire an SEO company, merely searching for one and visit site pages to see what work they do is not enough. Hiring a company is a big investment, one that could last many months. So, before a person gets to hiring an SEO company right away to help him build his website and make it relevant to search engines, here are some of the questions he should ask when he’s interviewing his options:

•Who are the SEO company’s past and current clients?

The most reputable SEO companies have an impressive list of past and current clients. If a person wants a better idea of how the SEO company performs, he should ask for a list of clients and go visit site “samples”. The list of clients will also tell a person what kind of SEO the company does and if they deal with a specific type of clientele. Some many not provide details, but they should be able to tell a person if their SEO efforts were successful.

•How will they improve a website’s rankings?

website’s rankingsThere are two types of SEO techniques: white-hat and black-hat. White-hat SEO involves analyzing a website’s content and code, creating relevant content, and the like; while black-hat SEO involves playing around with the search engine’s algorithm and manipulating it in order to get a client’s website to the front page. White-hat SEO is for long-term websites that want to build up their relevance and popularity, while black-hat SEO is for those who quickly want results. Of the two, the most reputable SEO companies would use white-hat SEO. Black-hat SEO is more about building and spamming links to build relevance and could be flagged by a search engine.

While interviewing a potential SEO company, they should be able to provide a detailed review of a person’s website, outline their plans, and what are their predicted outcomes. An SEO company should also be able to improve the website’s physical content itself, making it more accessible and easier to navigate to those who visit site. Aside from on-page optimization, they should also be able to perform off-page optimization, which is marketing a person’s website through social media, blogs, or other websites.

It is also worth noting that it is a big red flag is an SEO company promises that a person’s website will be the number one result in the search rankings. This means that they will in all likelihood employ the use of black-hat SEO.

•Do they adhere to a search engine’s guidelines?

A person should always look for SEO companies that adhere to a search engine’s webmaster guidelines (which are publicly posted on their official websites). These guidelines have specific practices that a prohibited and being detected practicing these tricks will get a website flagged and be ranked in the lowest of search results. The worst that could happen is that the website could be removed from the databases and banned altogether. SEO companies that follow these guidelines are usually sought after by companies and website owners because of their ethical approach to SEO.

Knowing the business: What are the types of ID lanyards?

The overwhelming popularity of the lanyard production business has reached both small-scale and large-scale sectors. And for the common buyers and first-time sellers, knowing the kind of lanyard a person uses is an important knowledge to gain.

Lanyards, especially those made for ID cards, are made of various materials with different chemical compositions. These chemical ingredients make the lanyard strong, durable, and long-lasting that will suit the customer’s preferences in terms of design as well. Also, the safety of these components should be considered for the buyer’s sake. These should be some of the seller’s first thoughts on promoting their lanyard products which is why knowing a lanyard’s particular chemical components are of importance.

So, what are the types of ID lanyards according to the material used to make them? Here are some:

1. Polyester Lanyard :

Badge lanyardSomeone familiar in the field of textiles may know what polyester is. But for those who don’t, polyester is a strong, durable material made from synthetic polymers. It can absorb low moisture, which is why lanyard producers use it. It is the most popular and saleable type of lanyard, since text can be readily printed through the use of silk screen. Aside from its durability, the initial cost of producing polyester lanyards is cheap compared to the other types.

2. Nylon Lanyard :

ID lanyards made of nylon look like the polyester ones, but shine more which makes it more attracting to the eye. They are also thicker, thus a much better subject for silk screen painting. If one desires to have meticulous and sophisticated prints for lanyards, then nylon lanyards are perfect.

3.Dye-sublimated Lanyard :

 For people who want their lanyards to appear exactly what is seen from a computer screen when designed, dye-sublimated lanyards are recommended. This is because these types of lanyards are perfect for multi-color usage as well as elaborated designs. Here, soft polyester material for the smooth surface is used and the design is printed through the usage of thermal printing technology.

4. Woven Lanyards :

Yes, from the word itself, woven ID lanyards are the types where the design is “knitted” in the fabric. Its concept is more likely based on patching or embroidery on clothes. What’s more is that it can use multiple colors in the stitched design. So, for those who want a feel of texture and strong quality with a touch of formality, woven lanyards are to be chosen.

5. Tubular Lanyards :

Tube lanyards are the most affordable type of lanyards especially when bought in bulk. The concept of these lanyards resembles those of shoelaces. Made using a tube stitched polyester, it is also a match for printing using silk-screen. Texture is also felt, but is more comfortable to wear since usually their width is much smaller compared to the others mentioned.

6. Blank Lanyard :

For those planning to get into the business, blank lanyards can be a starter, which is perfect for those who want customization than pre-designed ones. These can be any of the lanyard types mentioned above, but it is up to the customer to have his or her preferences  for the print. It is also a great giveaway for parties with art themes, for participants can design it themselves.

These varieties of lanyards can be bought based on varying widths in a standard length. For those who prefer customization, the imprint area or the attachments (key/split ring, bulldog, J-Hook, etc.) on the ID lanyards can also be of the client’s decision.

From accessory to money, the ID lanyard business has reached a wide audience. Due to this widespread production, both sellers and buyers have an open grasp of it. Knowing the “behind the scenes” of the business is a useful and handy information to either start an industry or just to have a nice add-on for someone to enjoy.

Rehabilitating Garden City Homes for Sale

Garden City is an affluent village located on Long Island, near New York City. It is an affluent residential community which has some of the most luxurious and expensive properties in the area. A prime real estate area, marketing Garden City homes for sale is not that easy. The expense, combined with heavy competition, makes Garden City one of the toughest areas to sell a house.

This village is also home to some old houses. It means that for some of them to sell, they have to undergo intensive rehabilitation. At the same time, the cost of the rehabilitation should be kept as low as possible so that the resulting sale will still yield more than adequate returns.

There are ways on how to make your Garden City home more marketable and how to increase its sale value.

Conduct an inspection of the property

propertyBefore you can begin the rehabilitation of Garden City homes for sale, you must make sure to first inspect the properties that need to be worked on. Look for anything that needs to be repaired or changed. It is advisable to hire a professional inspector for this job since an inspector can see damages in need of rehab that most people can’t see. During the inspection, one must take pictures of the inspected areas for further assessment and documentation.

Create a budget for the rehabilitation

Even if it is a crucial part of the process, calculating the cost of the rehabilitation will help you determine whether to go ahead with a repair or to cut costs and simply let go of the Garden City homes for sale. Since your intention is to sell your property, it is then important to save as much as possible in rehab costs so that there will still be more profits when the house is sold. It would be unfortunate, and perhaps not worth the effort anymore, to have a piece of property bring in just enough returns to cover the rehab expenses.

Get the required permits for rehabilitation

When you are rehabilitating any structure, safety must always be guaranteed. One of the ways to ensure that is to get a permit to rehabilitate your home. This necessary before you can renovate your Garden City homes for sale. Renovations to areas like the roofing, flooring, the replacement of windows and doors, and repainting of the walls do not require a permit. However, repairs that involve electrical wires, water lines, sewer lines, and increasing the square footage of the property will require a permit from the corresponding government offices. They also require licensed professionals to carry out the task.

Prioritize the exterior repairs first

Real estateThe first area that must be rehabilitated in your property is the exterior of your home. The reason for this is that finishing this first will make the rehab less obvious from the outside. This will also prevent leaks from rain and snow from permeating through the roof when repairs are done inside the house.

Replace anything that is broken

You must also replace all the broken windows, doors, and doorknobs in your property. This will prevent intrusion from outside elements like the weather, animals, and burglars.

Clean up before and after the rehabilitation

The whole point of rehabilitating a piece of property is to make it more attractive and liveable. Some projects might require a demolition job. Even repainting the walls may require you to move furniture or have various tools lying around. Before the rehab work, clean up any furniture and décor that could be damaged in the process. When everything is done, put everything back or whatever new furniture you wish to put in your new layout. The fresh look would no doubt fetch more value in the marketplace.

Custom Lanyards- Expedient & Easy

Lanyards, also spelled as “lan-iard”. We usually wear custom lanyards around the neck and around the wrist to carry an ID cards, security access systems and name badges.

Lanyards are characterized into two categories- classic and custom.

The pattern of classic lanyards includes simple and plain straps. On the other hand, custom lanyards are designed according to customer’s choice and preference. You can add images as well as logos on the straps.

Uses of Lanyards

customized lanyardsFor security purpose, lanyards give out the best results esp. when you already have so many things to keep track of. Suddenly you feel hopeless, when the time you lose your ID or keys. You can fix all these daily routine issues by using customized lanyards- easy and convenient. Lanyards make it easy to keep track of your keys, ID cards and loads of other valuable products. For instance, you have to manage so many tasks around office or home but lanyards can fix both minor and major issues.

On the other hand, custom lanyards can be great marketing tool for your business or brand promotion. Today, this is most wonderful and cheap marketing item among all promotion items. This is what that we all need for our business or brand. You can also add logo, slogan or message on the straps of the lanyards. Custom Lanyard are perfect for the busy executives who have constantly been using and showing their IDs.

The idea of lanyards is going to be perfect for women who need to store their keys, cell phones and wallets. You can also use lanyards in the gym to keep track of your keys, gadgets, wallets etc during the session of workout.

If you are not decided or making plans of purchasing lanyards then you could be missing out something for the better.

Making Your Own Style Statement with Vibrant Custom Lanyards!

Consider styles while choosing custom lanyards and also the theme of your business or brand. Well, some people are still not aware the assets of lanyards in different area. Wide variety of styles and colors are available in online stores. Custom and classic are two kinds of lanyards are there.

The category of customized lanyards includes prints with the name or logo of the brand. If you are a youngster who believes in the hot and updated looks then opt for lanyards that directly suits your outfit. Make a unique style statement with the use of stylish, vibrant and reasonable lanyards.

Custom lanyards are one of the most versatile accessories that you could have both at completive price and high quality. If you think that the price of lanyards are out of your pocket or budget, this time you can be wrong. Because, lanyards are the most cheap accessory! Whether you are a start up in the business or you are in a list of successful entrepreneurs, you can easily provide lanyards to your employees. The price of this accessory would fit in your budget. Hence, customized lanyards are easy, convenient and reasonable. It will be the preferred and low cost marketing tool for sure.

Custom lanyards are available in so many online and wholesale stores as well. You are free from choosing the design, colors and patterns of custom lanyards and can add your own custom logo, slogan and messages to the lanyards. You are not merely promoting your business but also building the reputation of your company as well. By doing so, you can show great care to your workers and make your brand or business visible. This is the right time to create your own personalized lanyards today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Long Island Loan Modification

Long Island Loan Modification is not rocket science. You do not need a doctorate to understand the same. That being said, it isn’t like reading a comic book either. You need to pay attention to what you are reading. You need to read the process at least twice. The first reading allows you to grasp the general concept. The second reading allows you to fill in the gaps, and understand the process. Below are a few FAQs regarding the same.

What is Long Island Loan Modification?

LawIt is the process of substantially altering the terms and conditions of your loan, as applicable to Loans that originated from Long Island. This is because, most loan modification programs are not the same. Granted, they each need to comply with basic requirements as set forth by the law. But they also have to look into the personal and financial situation of the borrower and comply with internal requirements as set forth by the specific bank/lender operating in Long Island. Loan modification is therefore different for each borrower, as a general rule.

What does Substantial Alteration Mean?

Simply put, important terms and conditions in your loan documents are altered. They are not limited to changing anything because of clerical error, clarifying the terms, etc., These substantial alterations are put into writing, agreed upon by both parties, signed, and then attached to the original loan documents. This refers to, but is not limited to changing the: type of loan (i.e. fixed to adjustable), interest rate, number of installment payments, moving back payment dates, adding/modifying penalties, adding/modifying clauses (i.e. acceleration clause), changing/adding parties to the contract, etc. Alteration can refer to one, some or even all of the same changes.

Who Starts the Process of Loan Modification?

Generally speaking, it is the mortgagor/borrower who starts the process by making a request for loan modification. However, there have been instances wherein the bank/lender initiates contact i.e. email, snail mail, call, public notices, offering loan modification to specific or general types of borrowers/mortgagors.

Is it Legal to Modify a Loan Personally?

Yes, it is perfectly legal. In fact, there are public documents available online that you can read online or download. However, it is important to note that DIY loan modification is only feasible for those that fall squarely under government mandated programs. This usually refers to residential homes up to a certain amount, and almost always never applicable to investment homes, vacation homes, secondary homes, rental properties, etc. Also, even if you file DIY style, banks/lenders are not prohibited to use the services of lawyers, file legal documents or even request the intervention of the courts, provided there is just cause for doing so.

Do I Need a Lawyer for a Successful Long Island Loan Modification?

Hiring a lawyer is not an absolute must. However, it is advisable to get the advice of the same. In any case, there are lawyers/firms that provide free consultations. By way of exception, should the bank/lender fight tooth and nail, and decide to bombard you with legal technicalities, then hiring a lawyer becomes necessary. This is especially true if the approval of a loan modification plan determines whether or not you keep the home or get evicted and become homeless.

What if My Application for Loan Modification Fails?

Banks and lenders are in the business of making money. If they have an excuse to deny an application for Long Island loan modification, then they will not hesitate to do so. In most cases, they will use legal tactics that confuse the lay man. That is why it is important to make sure that you don’t give them an excuse. In any case, should the application be denied, a law firm can provide you with other options i.e. bankruptcy filing.