Audacious Freedom

Breaking Down Cultural Programming: Blazing the Trail to Self-Partnership + DIY Parenting

Discover My Personal Journey to Live a Life That Is Truly Free, Through My
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Sassy and Audacious Storyteller. Public Speaker. Author. Word Nerd. Funky Fashionista. Feng Shui Master. Fabulous Food Gourmet. Fitness in Your 50s Guru.
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My name is Dee Dee Mendez, and I am the sassy and fearless storyteller behind Audacious Freedom, an inspirational podcast series based on my life. As a geeky empath, I am highly sensitive and attuned to the feelings and emotions of those who are around me. I created this podcast to share my personal life stories to further identify with my audiences and to inspire people with my reflections on my experiences.

Audacious Freedom
Audacious Freedom

Sharing My Personal Introspection to All

In my podcast series, you will hear various raw—and often embarrassing or funny—anecdotes about my life. My stories involve childhood experiences, my failed marriage, life after divorce, dating, and becoming a mom on my own. In the first season, I shared some of my private narratives in hopes of inspiring my listeners. I reflected on my experiences, and I am now sharing what I have learned to help and motivate people.

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