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Have you wondered how can you improve your soul?

Beyond the material and mundane trappings of everyday life, beyond the striving to climb the corporate ladder, beyond simply female self improvement or women’s self help . . . I believe that you can actually improve your mind, body, soul. We can all take proactive steps towards self growth.

If you’ve been wondering how to work on personal growth, you’ve come to the right place.

I provide guidance, support, and empowerment for people looking to live a more authentic and beautiful life. I teach personal development techniques, self growth and self improvement techniques, and personal growth techniques.

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Dee Dee Mendez - Top Motivational Speaker

How did I get here?

Dee Dee Mendez - Host Of Audacious Freedom Podcast
Fr**dom was a dirty word.

I kept my mouth shut around my conservative family, acted the part in a dead-end marriage and dimmed my light to find success in a conventional, Human Resources career.

Every attempt to “make it work” was another part to play. Life caught up with me and turned my play into f**king reality. It was time to free myself – for better, for worse, and forever! My soul brothers & sisters, inspiring authors, and empathetic psychologists gave me the resources to free myself and …“live life to the funnest”.

My eyes were opened to people lying to climb the ladder, fighting for toxic relationships and censoring themselves with loved ones. Audacious Freedom is my gift to their souls. It’s a resource for every human that shares industry-leading personal growth techniques, audacious storytelling and curious conversations to empower us all to live a life with more freedom, joy and fun.

Talk Soon, Dee Dee

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