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Popular Self Help Podcast

I weave vulnerability, empathy, and a healthy dose of sass together in my popular women’s self help podcast, Audacious Freedom. I share stories from my life— often embarrassing or funny, but always raw and real— covering everything from childhood to divorce to single motherhood to dating. Not only do I reflect on my own lived experiences, but I also share what I have learned along the way.

Not your average women’s self improvement podcast

I aim to open myself up to listeners with a fearlessness and transparency that will give you both comfort and inspiration. Audacious Freedom reminds us to stop striving for perfection. Life is messy and emotional— heck, I’ve been known to drop a few f-bombs!

In a sea of inspirational podcasts, Audacious Freedom is the one you grab onto, laughing along the way as you realize you are no longer alone. So if you’ve recently found yourself up late at night, googling things like “what are the most inspirational podcasts?” or “podcast for women personal growth,” you’ve come to the right place. I’ve got you now!

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Dee Dee Mendez Hosts Popular Self Help Podcast

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Episode #26: I Did Not Name My Daughter After a Damn Car

I had chosen a name for a boy and a name for a girl when I was pregnant. I didn’t not want to know the sex of my baby, though I did have a very clear dream about half-way through my pregnancy where a technician burst into my doctor’s appointment…

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Episode #25: Uncle G – You are a F*cking D*ck

Those of you who listened to Episode #18 of Audacious Freedom, the podcast might remember that I am working on finding my voice when people are UNKIND or even CRUEL or NASTY to me. Well, this episode is for you, Uncle G: You are a FUCKING DICK. And here’s why:…

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Episode #24: The Pain and Joy of Moving This Time

We knew it was coming. We knew the day would be coming to move, when we would find a place we loved AS MUCH - or could it be possible?? When we would find a place we loved MORE than the place we had been in for 5 years. At…

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Episode #23: The 20th Anniversary of 9/11/2001

I gotta tell you, I’m not sure how we ever survived 9/11. I mean how we SURVIVORS survived 9/11. In all of its horror. How unthinkable it was. How fucking WRONG it was. All the beautiful lives lost. For no reason. All the destruction. I’ve been watching some of the…

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Episode #22: Sharing Scripts in Advance, As a Courtesy

Before launching Season 1 of Audacious Freedom, the podcast, an attorney friend of mine offered me very smart - if difficult to act on - ADVICE. She suggested that even though I don’t NAME my ex-husband or two ex-fiances after my divorce, that I reach out to them as a…

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