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As one of the top women motivational speakers, I share my own life experiences for a unique and inspirational storytelling experience. I specialize in using the power of intention to reach your personal and professional goals in life. I am also proud to be a trailblazer in the self-partnership and DIY parenting movement for independence and autonomy.

With every speaking engagement, I aim to connect with my audience with love, freedom, and empathy. For better understanding of my style as an inspirational speaker about life, please take a listen to my podcast, Audacious Freedom.

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Dee Dee Mendez - Top Motivational Speaker

What I offer

For corporate and workplace events

Re-Imagining a Human-Centered Human Resources Profession

  • HR is broken and only getting worse
    • The end-to-end employee experience is subjective and not transparent to the masses
    • More and more of HR responsibilities are being outsourced and becoming automated
      In many organizations, HR exists to protect the employer
    • HR acts as the “police” and serves the organization
    • The total rewards gap between the C-suite and other employees is growing exponentially
  • The future of HR should be:
    • Employee-centric and sensitive to the human impact and interpretation of the end-to-end employee experience
    • Investing equally in all human beings where employees can show up and “do life”. Work, family— It’s all life and we are all human souls.
    • Workforce planning, employee upskilling, internal mobility & humane exit strategies
    • Part coaching and part tactical
      • Coaches who create strategic interventions to optimize talent development and employee wellness and productivity
      • Project managers who troubleshoot technology issues and handle employee relations issues
    • Optimizing the potential for an inclusive hybrid work environment
      • Closing the gap on total rewards between the C-Suite and other employees

Creating Psychological Safety in the Workplace

  • Leaders in many organizations expect their employees simply to “fit in” rather than embracing diverse perspectives and experiences of human souls
    • When employees don’t feel safe to share their ideas or to speak up, actual disasters can happen at worst and at the least there can be little learning and innovation
  • Practical steps can be taken to proactively create a culture that promotes learning, innovation and growth
    • With a step-by-step framework, leaders can establish psychological safety within their teams and organization
For individuals and groups

Upgrade Your Life with the Audacious Freedom Life 2.0 Toolkit™

  • #THE TRUTH/Secrets Out
    • Get real about where you are & where you want to be
  • #Support
    • Therapy (Tears & Talking™)
    • Soul brothers & sisters
    • Self-talk and physical & emotional wellness
    • Physical space alignment with Feng Shui solutions
  • #Audacious Freedom Commitments
    • Freedom: Do whatever the f**k you want
    • Authenticity: Never be afraid to speak your truth
    • Generosity: Give all the sh*ts & give to every soul
    • Curiosity: Don’t be an a**hole. Nobody knows it all
    • Fun: Don’t waste time on bullsh*t. Find the quickest route to a laugh, a friend or the bar!


  • An unconventional way to create a family
    • With so many divorced parents co-raising children, I wonder what is broken with our conventional model of creating a family
  • Re-thinking parenthood and the “love, marriage and baby carriage” fairy tale
    • Not everyone wants to experience parenthood. But if you want to become a parent, going it “alone” is actually quite practical and much easier than you think
  • Is it crazy or brave to DIY-parent?
    • Building the case: it may just be more crazy or brave to co-parent with someone who has different ideas than you about how to raise children and to share a home with them. Just saying!
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If you’re looking for a motivational speaker about personal growth or an inspirational female speaker for your next event, contact me for more information.

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